Welcome to the website of the Psychological practice Cristina Anghel!

Are you looking for someone you can confide in? With whom you can get an appointment for an initial consultation at relatively short notice? Would you like to benefit from psychological counseling incognito, without everyone around you finding out right away? Actually, it would be nice if it didn’t take you between 40 minutes and an hour to get there every time, wouldn’t it? And, if you didn’t have to desperately search for a parking space?

Then you’re on the right track! I can help you with that.

Who am I? I’m a psychologist with a master’s degree, a psychotherapist in training (systemic psychotherapy), and I also have clinical experience (Freudenstadt Hospital).

But what am I like as a person? Can you trust me with your most sensitive issues? Yes. On the one hand because I place the highest value on the privacy of my clients, on the other hand because I use the secure Red Connect (an app for video consultation certified in Germany).

But that’s formality, you may think. Maybe it’s back to a psychologist who can’t listen properly, or gives me well-intentioned advice that I don’t need or want.

Is she compassionate, does she listen with interest, is she emphatic but also technically competent? you may ask yourself. Is she appreciative? Reliable? Can she also be humorous? Does she meet the clients at eye level? Yes, I do. And I like to do it because I like to help people to unfold their true potential. 

If you want to read more about my qualifications, click here.

If you already want to book a first appointment, click here.

If you want to speak to me directly, call 0049 152 241 602 16 (after 4:30pm). I might not answer immediately, but I will call you back.

If you want to send me an email, send it to info@cristina-anghel.com (no details please), I will answer it as soon as possible.