Services Provided


As part of the individual therapy, all mental disorders in which patients actively participate, can be treated. These include depression, anxiety and specific phobias, eating disorders, compulssions, psychosomatic disorders, consequences of trauma, mental and behavioral disorders due to multiple substance use, addictions, but also life crises after difficult life events (death of loved ones, divorce, illness, etc.)

At the first meeting, which was previously agreed by phone, we will discuss various aspects of your life that you are dissatisfied with. If necessary, you will get a test or several tests to fill it/them out. If we decide to work together, we will set goals, which you will implement one after the other in your everyday life. In doing so, we will discover your resources and develop solution-focused strategies.

The duration and frequency of psychotherapy are different. There are short-term therapies, that are now and here, oriented to finding a solution, and therapies that require a deep analysis, that can take several years. The type of therapy depends on your wishes and ideas, and we will define the goals together. A session lasts 50 minutes and starts at the agreed time. If there is a crisis situation, it is possible to have 2 sessions per week at the beginning.

Sometimes it makes sense and it is also necessary for the spouse or partner to be involved in the treatment, because changes in a person also cause changes in social relationships. The cost of a therapy session is 50, – Euro per 50 minutes.

Couples and family therapy

As far as possible, all members of the family, participate in a joint conversation. The intervals between sessions are usually longer (2 weeks). The cost is 75, – Euro per 75 minutes.

Cancellation of a meeting
If you can not attend a meeting, please cancel it 24 hours in advance, so that no fee will be charged.

Any information that is discussed in the context of therapy, are subject to confidentiality. I respect and protect the intimacy of my clients.